Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery

Esther Kua’aina, Assistant Secretary for Insular Affairs, Visits Subdivision — October 2014


Micronesian Food Fair – Summer 2009

In 2009, the United Pacific Islanders’ Corporation (UPIC) hosted its first Micronesian Food Fair.  In collaboration with the University of Guam faculty and the Center for Pacific Islands Studies (CPIS) at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa and with the help of other local organizations and individuals. The fair was initiated by the members of UPIC with the assistance of Dr. Lola Quan Bautista.

The overarching goal of the Micronesian Food Fair was to highlight the diversity and rich cultural traditions of Micronesia in the production and celebration of food. Through displays, demonstrations and performances, the food fair brought together different audiences from throughout the entire island community to visit the subdivision and engage in cross-cultural exchanges. The fair also showcased the positive contributions of Micronesian communities on Guam.

A coconut is resourceful from inside to out | Alex placed pounded breadfruit in foil pan and adds coconut milk | Alex shows his skills pounding hot breadfruit | Alex is great at making "matun," pounded breadfruit in coconut milk | Aunty taking a taste of fresh "matun" | Crafts from Pohnpei | Bevacqua Family & Dr. Kirk Johnson | Boiled breadfruit ready to pound | Pounders help scoop cooked breadfruit from "kama" big pot | Breadfruit boiling in "kama" big pot | Children painting coconuts | Chuukese men of UPIC prepare to pound breadfruit | Chuukese Warrior Dance | Community exercise through "cha cha" | Different race, one-dance | Nelta and Dr. Kirk Johnson | Dr. Hattori-Uchima and student engaged with community member, Rose Yanfag | Dr. Johnson and Dr. Bautista learn to pound breadfruit | Teacher Eric Chong with daughter, Erica | Former Chuuk Governor Ansito Walter | Free table cloth, why not? | Fresh flowers can ease the mind | Getting ready to pound some hot breadfruit | Handmade grassskirt from Yap | Happiness is healthy | If smiling is beautiful then Kathy shows it | "Kamyu" race is a common game in Micronesia | Lola and her nieces | Making "matun" is community work | Martina meditates while making flower lei | Martina mediates through flower making | Dancing girls | Micronesian girls perform Polynesian dance | Nelta pointing and calling for a taste of locally-made "matun" | "Nif" pounding wood and "po" pounding stone | "Nif" pounding wood and "po" pounding stone | Nothing more than a coconut game passing to the next | Onlooker Pete Fejeran, PBS Guam | President Stan Yanfag acknowledges the crowd | Rick Castro, music composer | Sarah Johnson | Shannon Iriarte & Erica Chong | Sharing "cha cha" is a joy | The Quans | Traditional skirts for sale | University professors at hard job | UOG professor and student join "kamyu" race | What's more healthy than the fruits of the land? | Yapese handmade grassskirt | A coconut is resourceful from inside to out


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