You Can Help

You Can Help

You Can Help

You can help and make a difference!

The community and their advocates have posted a Wish List of materials needed for ongoing projects involving community gardening and healthy cooking. Currently, we have 21 homeowners at the subdivision who are already involved in small-scale farming. Each lot measures a quarter acre or 25 feet by 25 feet. In addition to growing our own food and encouraging healthy eating habits, as a community we are hoping to eventually sell some of our homegrown fruits and vegetables.



Here is our Wish List:

1. Black topsoil or mulch (approximately 625,000 cubic feet or 1 truckload per lot)
2. Seedling packets of any vegetable though preferably eggplant, cucumber (Japanese), tomato (cherry and large), bitter melon (ampalaya), long beans, or Chinese cabbage (bok choy)
3. #5 Rebars for stakes (approximately 336 or 16 rebars per lot)
4. Wire for nets
5. 21 Shovels
6. 21 Picks
7. 21 Rakes
8. 21 Hoses (preferably 75 feet long)
9. 21 Buckets (5 gallon plastic)
10. 21 Pruning clippers
11. 21 Hanging scales to weigh produce
12. 21 Wheelbarrows


Email the UPIC Officers to find out how you can help!


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