United Pacific Islanders’ Corporation (UPIC)

United Pacific Islanders’ Corporation (UPIC)

The United Pacific Islanders’ Corporation (UPIC) is a nonprofit organization comprising residents from the recently formed Gill-Baza subdivision in the village of Yigo, Guam. Originally formed in 2006 to address community needs of the subdivision, UPIC has expanded its efforts to network with other local and regional organizations to increase awareness of and find ways to work through issues that affect Micronesians residing on Guam.

UPIC strives to meet the needs of the Gill-Baza subdivision residents, which includes 33 individual households made up of nearly 300 people. The needs of the community are many and varied, from adequate infrastructure to health care to cultural and social adaptation, as well as safe access in and out of the subdivision.  UPIC continues to work within the local court system and with the village mayor’s office to improve the infrastructure of the subdivision. The result is a vibrant and active community that has the potential to serve as a model for other migrant enclave communities on Guam and in the Pacific region.  

UPIC has an elected, voluntary governing board of Gill-Baza residents, including a president, a vice-president, a treasurer, and a secretary. Other positions are assigned as needed.

Kini Sananap, UPIC President
Kini Sananap
Stan Yanfag, UPIC Vice President
Stan Yanfag
Vice President
Joshua Peter, UPIC Treasurer
Joshua Peter
Nelta Mori, UPIC Secretary
Nelta Mori






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