Talk Story With Us

Talk Story With Us

The representatives of the Gill-Baza community and their advocates welcome an opportunity to talk story with you! Chat with some of the featured characters, post a comment on the community’s Facebook page, speak with a UPIC officer, talk with the filmmaker, or learn from community advocates about what it’s like to work with communities.

Joshua PeterJoshua Peter
UPIC Treasurer

For over 20 years Joshua has been working in security and currently works as the Operation Supervisor for G4S Security Services, Guam. Perhaps this explains why Joshua was quick to respond to the community’s feelings of insecurity and injustice. Joshua, better known as Sos, envisions a future where the Gill-Baza youth are leaders both within and beyond the subdivision. 


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Stan Yanfag, UPIC PresidentStanley Yanfag
UPIC President

As president of UPIC, one of Stan’s goals is to build a multi-purpose community center in the Gill-Baza subdivision.  The center would provide a reliable structure for residents to get together, currently, most meetings are held under tents and are easily disrupted by rain and inadequate lighting.  Stan envisions the center as a place where children can study and computers can be safely assembled, as well as a place to hold cultural events and host visitors to the subdivision.

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Kathy MartinKathy Martin
Resident Services Associate
Pālolo Homes, Mutual Housing Association of Hawaiʻi

In 2009 Kathy moved from Guam to Hawai‘i to attend the University of Hawai‘i, Mānoa, where she eventually received a masters degree from the School of Social Work. She continues to work with many Micronesian communities living alongside other Pacific Islanders like Samoans, Tongans, and Native Hawaiians.

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Justina HartmannJustina Hartmann
UPIC Member

Though a rather tall and an outspoken woman, as a child Justina was given the name, Chiot after a “very tiny hummingbird.” For the most part, Chiot attributes her forceful nature, like being a former policewoman in Chuuk, to her upbringing on Totiw Island (Chuuk) working in the field and going fishing with her father. Justina is known for sewing traditional skirts and telling stories about legends of her home island. She also can be found tending to her breadfruit, lemon, banana, coconut, mango, and mountain apple trees outside of her home.

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Dr. Hattori-UchimaMargaret Hattori-Uchima, PhD, RN
Assistant Professor of Nursing, University of Guam

Margaret and her nursing students at the University of Guam provide village clinics to rural subdivision in northern Guam which include both the Gill-Baza and nearby Zero Down subdivisions. She recently completed her PhD thesis entitled “Chuukese Migrant Women in Guam: Perceptions of Barriers to Health Care.” More recently, she is working as a co-investigator for the Children’s Healthy Living (CHL) program whose goals are to prevent obesity and future non-communicable disease, and to improve health (see also You Can Help).

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Patrick CamachoPatrick Camacho
Social Worker, The Salvation Army Family Services Center

Initially, Patrick got involved with the Gill-Baza community as an undergraduate student in the Social Work program at the University of Guam. This culminated in the first documentary featuring the Gill-Baza residents.  Today, Patrick continues to work with the community helping families experiencing economic hardship from becoming homeless (Gill Baza Mobile Classroom outreach program helps students in need). His hobbies include triathlons, running, road/mountain cycling, swimming, hiking, camping, and snorkeling.

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Dominica TolentinoDominica Tolentino
Content Editor, Guampedia

Dominica played a key role as Principal Consultant for Breadfruit & Open Spaces and also developed programs and brochures for community events in the Gill-Baza. She has encouraged positive relationships between the Gill-Baza and the larger Guam community, especially through her work at, an online encyclopedic resource that features the history, culture, environment and society of Guam, with special attention paid to the experiences of the indigenous Chamorros of the Mariana Islands ( Originally from the village of Mongmong, Guam, Dominica enjoys music, traveling, learning new and interesting things, and watching Korean dramas.

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Kirk JohnsonKirk Johnson, PhD
Professor, University of Guam

Kirk and his sociology students at the University of Guam helped to organize community events like Movie Nights and the 2009 Micronesian Food Fair (see Photo Gallery).  Community development and grassroots initiatives are central themes in the sociology classes that he teaches. Kirk believes in the inherent strength of island cultures and families and their resilience and fortitude to move a community forward both materially and spiritually.   

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Wayson WongWayson Wong

Wayson has been representing the residents of the Gill-Baza subdivision since 2006, working with the motto, “United We Stand.” He has encouraged the Gill-Baza residents to appoint leaders and to develop positive relations with government officials, efforts that have helped to shape a community identity. He is a veteran trial attorney with over 35 years of experience and licenses to practice law in Hawai‘i, Guam and Saipan.


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Lola Quan BautistaLola Quan Bautista
Community Advocate

Though currently living in Hawai‘i, Lola frequently returns to her home island of Guam to work on her dad’s ranch and visit her siblings.




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