Culturally Responsive Teaching Workshop

Twenty Guam Department of Education teachers and administrators took part in a workshop that was held 23-24 July 2015 at the Guam Community College.  This workshop aimed to help prepare teachers to work effectively with students from the region of Micronesia and nurture their educational growth.


Chuuk Teachers Hard at Work

Six Chuuk Department of Education teachers and three administrators took part in a workshop that was held on 15 June 2015 at the College Caroline and Pastoral Institute (CCPI).  Dr. LJ Rayphand, Dean of Education at CCPI and Ms. Kathy Martin (the first Chuukese national to graduate with a masters degree in Social Work from the University of Hawaiʻi Mānoa), along with Dr. Lola Quan Bautista, UHM Associate Professor, put together a workshop focused on the creation of curriculum material for public schools.

Breadfruit & Open Spaces Reviews

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Tuition Rate for Pacific Islander Students

At the end of spring semester 2014, UHM Chancellor Tom Apple and Vice Chancellor for Students Francisco Hernandez provided funding to meet tuition differential of 50% for Pacific Islander students at UH Mānoa, thus bringing fees to the equivalent of resident tuition. By completing their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), Pacific Islander students are automatically awarded the funding. Last semester, Dr Tina Tauasosi-Posiulai, Dr Lola Quan Bautista, and Dr Lufata Simanu-Klutz led an initiative with UHM Pacific Islander students to bring attention to the tuition differential.

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Board of Regents Committee on Student Affairs, 3 April 2014.

Capstone Students at UH Manoa

For the first time since UH Mānoa’s Center for Pacific Islands Studies’ BA program began in 2011, the senior capstone ran as a course (PACS 401) rather than as a one-on-one project with faculty. PACS401 requires BA candidates to complete community-based research projects and give presentations on their processes and outcomes. Lola Quan Bautista and Julie Walsh designed the course to build on service-learning experiences gained through 200- and 300-level courses.

Read more in the Center’s Newsletter, Pacific News from Manoa.

The Palolo Community

Kathy Martin, one of the main characters in the film and a former resident of the Gill-Baza, is featured in the Pacific News from Mānoa. In January 2013, Kathy was hired as the resident services associate for Mutual Housing Association of Hawaiʻ i at Pālolo Homes. One of her favorite activities at the housing is the Pālolo Ohana Program. Known in the neighborhood as the “POP Session,” this is a time when the community comes together and “talks story” about issues facing the community, feelings of discrimination and stereotypes as well as desired activities.

Read more in the Center’s Newsletter, Pacific  News from Manoa.

Service Learning

UH Students

More and more, the Center for Pacific Islands Studies at the University of Manoa where I am employed is engaged with service learning — a theme that resonates with the film’s focus on community. One of the goals of service learning in the Researching Oceania course (PACS 603) that I teach is for students to gain a further understanding of the course content, a broader appreciation of the discipline, and a better understanding of what it means to be responsible and accountable to Pacific peoples. This spring 2013 semester, some of the service-learning activities by my graduate students ranged from writing grants for organizations that serve Pacific Islander communities to holding workshops to address language revival, poetry, and music.

Read more in the Center’s newsletter, Pacific News from Manoa.